Private Equity

Our Private Equity Fund focuses on pre-IPO investments and private investments. We specialize in the emerging and exciting China market. Our team possesses extensive knowledge in the diverse economic, geopolitical, cultural and societal conditions present in the various regions and provinces of China.

China offers vast opportunities for pre IPO investments due to the rapid growth and strengths of its economy, market deregulation and powerful government initiatives to develop its capital markets. And enterprises have witnessed the power and pace that the capital markets can assist in expanding their businesses, both domestically and internationally.

Our team possesses both the expertise harnessed from investing in various industries as well as the depth of local business knowledge unique to each region or province. We also bring in industry experts, professional parties and anchor investors that will further enhance the value and success of our deals.

Since inception, we have invested in numerous pre-IPO investments and our average annualized return has been in excess of 200% on liquidated projects. The majority of our investments are in China spanning Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang provinces and the North Eastern region covering steel manufacturing, automotive parts, industrial equipment, consumer apparel, fast food, chemicals and consumer electronics industries.

Our exit strategies have been the successful listing of these companies in the stock exchanges of China, Hong Kong, Singapore and others.

Examples of liquidated Legacy investments

*The names of these investee companies have been intentionally coded due to strict and legally-binding confidentiality provisions in the various Investment Agreements that we have executed. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Private equity investments are illiquid and are high-risk investments.